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How to Set up BT Business Email Lite on iPhone and iPad

BT Business Email Lite is a hosted email service based on the most recent technology and Microsoft Exchange Online. Furthermore, this BT Mail service has a maximum storage of 1GB per user for mailboxes. A 25 MB maximum per Mailbox for all inbound, outbound, and internal messages, including attachments, is included. Moreover, it has 500 recipients maximum per message limit. Users are notified through email when their primary Mailbox is getting close to its maximum storage. However, these are all the advantageous characteristics of the BT Business Email Lite. Therefore, let’s dwell on how to set up the BT Business Email Lite on iPhones and iPad.  

Before starting the setup process, it is essential to have a common knowledge of the BT Business Email Lite or BT Mail services. In essence, BT Mail is a British Telecom company that offers the quickest and safest broadband services globally. Additionally, the BT Mail service provides one of the fastest procedures for running the brief mode of business and personal communication. The BT Business Lite, on the other hand, uses the most recent and cutting-edge technology and is more akin to a hosted email service built on Microsoft Exchange Online.

Now let’s look at the setup process on iPhones and iPad. However, some of the specifics of the below procedure may differ somewhat as a result of software or device changes.

BT Business Email Lite Setup on iPhone and iPad

  • On the home screen, first, select Settings. Next, find the BT Email icon by scrolling down.
  • Then choose Account from the menu and select Add Account from it.
  • Pick Other from the Add account menu. Subsequently, click the icon for “Add Mail Account.”
  • Put your name in the required field. Then, in the Email field, enter your BT Business username.
  • After that, enter your BT Business password in the appropriate area.   
  • Next, fill out the description field with the name, making it easy for you to identify the account.
  • Consequently, click the Next button. It is advisable to select OK if you receive an error warning.
  • At the top of the screen, select POP.
  • Now, change the Host Name to by going to the Incoming Mail Server panel.
  • Next, enter 995 in the server port field and select SSL.
  • Switch the Host Name to in the Outlook Mail Server section. Then, set SSL to 587 and enter it in the server port field.
  • Next, input your login information, including your email address and password, and set Outgoing Mail Authentication to the password. 
  • Then, select Save from the menu.
  • Now, wait for the settings to be confirmed. To access your BT Business Email account as an alternative, tap the btconnect tab.

iOS users get routine software updates. Therefore, a few settings and steps would change or may vary regarding BT Mail setup. The following are those steps as per the most recent version of iOS. Follow the instructions and user manual for your gadget if you see something weird or unusual. Additionally, try using the server settings you may see below in their place:

  • is the incoming mail server.
  • Server Port 995 in the incoming mail server.
  • The server for outgoing mail is
  • Mail server for outbound communications: port 587.
  • Enter your complete email address as your username.
  • You can utilize SSL: set ON for incoming and outgoing mail servers.

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