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How to Permanently Delete Your BT Mail Account

The BT Email or Mail services are most commonly responsible for providing the secure and fastest broadband services worldwide. Moreover, the British Telecommunication company has launched this BT Email with amazing updates and features that you can access for free via a BT Mail account. Plus, by using your BT Mail account, you can send electronic files to several contacts together by attaching the file to an email within no time. 

However, people have plenty of information regarding accessing BT Mail and its services. But at the same time, there’s no such information about deleting and delinking BT mail accounts. Therefore, here you have the information on the deleting and delinking of BT Mail accounts, which you see below. Hence, going through the entire downward information will help you the best. Furthermore, being a BT Mail account holder, you can create up to 11 emails for yourself or hand them over to someone else.

Before you start: Deleting Process

  • Primarily, the deleting of a BT mail account is possible when a user itself deletes it. 
  • Next, if the billing account holder hasn’t gifted the email address to another person and deletes it. 
  • The ceasing of broadband or Premium BT email services can also be a reason. 
  • As per the BT usage policy, the email addresses are meant to be deleted after a period of inactivity. 
  • Last, deleting the BT mail account is the only left option for a user if his email address is linked to their BT ID.  
  • Notably, you can recover your deleted BT mail with all your data but only within 60 days after deleting your BT Mail account address.

How to Delete the BT Mail account?

  • Start by logging into your BT Mail account via URL. Remember to log in by using your BT email credentials or BT ID. 
  • Suppose you got broadband with BT, then select the Manage Extras option. After that, start scrolling down and select the Manage BT Email option once you find it. 
  • Remember to select the Premium Mail link if you are a premium email customer. Once you finish, click on the Manage BT Email option. 
  • Afterward, you need to select the BT email address or addresses you prefer to delete and confirm. It is also possible it will ask you to provide the password as well. 
  • Further, it will send you an email confirmation once you delete the selected email address. But keep in mind that your deleted BT email remains active for 60 days, so you can reactivate it in plenty of time whenever you want to. But, after the 60 days time limit, your email address and the mailbox will be permanently deleted.

Before You Start: Delinking Process

  • You can delink your BT mail account if you give another person your email address.
  • Another reason for being an account holder, you don’t want to link your email address with your billing account anymore. 
  • Next, delinking will be your only option if you have given one of your 11 BT email addresses to another person.  
  • Further, if you want your BT email address to be linked to your BT mail account, you can delink it. 

How to Delink the BT Mail account?

  • Begin by login into your BT mail account via URL. Also, either use your BT email login credentials or BT ID. 
  • Next, select Manage Extras and Manage BT Email from the bottom only if you have broadband services with BT Mail.
  • After that, select Premium Mail if you are a premium email customer. And then, select the Manage BT Email option. 
  • Further, you need to select the email addresses or addresses you are willing to delink. And once you complete it, confirm it. 
  • Remember, it will send you an email notification once you are complete. So you can take action to keep your email access safe.
  • Last, your delinked email address will remain active for 60 days. But once the 60 days time period is over, it will permanently delete your email address and all the mailbox contents. And, also, you can’t recover it ever again.

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