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How to Access your (BT Mail) email account via IMAP

Primarily, you can understand Btinternet as a source of supplying telecommunication services across 180 countries worldwide. As a result, learning the Btinternet login process is required to download the BT Mail (BTinternet) emails to your computer hard drive. Moreover, BT Mail is an Emailing service that supports and assists today’s daily requirements and the fastest mobility. Moreover, you can best use the BT Mail login services as the fastest and most flexible mode of communication, as it has user-friendly functions and features. And using these features helps you to ease your work, whether you are at home or the office. Being a new BTinternet user, you don’t need to worry about your data protection, as it safeguards your Data from leaking and cyber threats. 


‘As a result, these qualities make it a reliable emailing service, which can be easily accessed once you create your BT Mail Login or BT email login account if you are a new user of BTinternet services. When it comes to exploring BT mail services, you can even get its rapid broadband services, which fill the gap of slow internet connectivity. Furthermore, the amazing and user-friendly features you can enjoy by using your BT email login account are quickly attaching the file to an email, sending electronic files to several contacts, etc. Hence, creating a BT Mail account and also accessing your email account via IMAP becomes important. And if you don’t know how to do this, you need to jump straight onto the information below. 

How to Create a BT Mail Login Account?

→ First, either visit the BT Mail official website or login into My BT via your BT ID. 

→ Now, search for the broadband link from your broadband package on your BT website. Once you are done, click on the ‘See broadband extras’ and BT Email icons.

→ Next, click on the ‘Manage BT Mail’ option, then create a new email address link. 

→ After that, select the “Create new address email link” icon. As a result, it will ask you to choose and provide a password for your new BT Email Login address.

→ Last, click on the ‘Create email’ icon to get a confirmation message. When you get it, it will automatically link your new BT Email address to your BT ID. 

How to Log in to the BT Mail Account?

→ Begin by opening the BT Mail website to look for the dialog box that appears on your screen. 

→ Next, it will ask you to enter your BT ID or email address and your BT email password. 

→ Now, end the process by clicking on the Sign in dialog box to access your BT Mail account. Hence, you can easily log in to your BT Email account.

Setting up your Account with BT Email via IMAP-

In order to access your email account via a desktop email program, you will require the IMAP and SMTP below given settings: 


→ Firstly, (BT Mail) IMAP server, which is 

→ Next, you need an IMAP port that should be 993. And also the IMAP security, which is SSL /TLS. 

→ Now, your IMAP username must be your full email address. And also your IMAP password, which is your password. 

→ Afterward, your (BT Mail) SMTP server is 

→ Further, the SMTP port 465 and SMTP security are SSL /TLS. 

→ The last thing you need is an SMTP username, in which you need to enter your full email address. Plus, an SMTP password, in which your password takes place. 

Accessing your (BT Mail) Email Account via IMAP-

The very first thing is that, yes, it’s true that supports IMAP /SMTP. And in order to bring more clarity, it denies the use of’s webmail interface. Plus, with the facility to check your email and send messages by using other email programs. And a few of them are Outlook Express, Mailspring, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Moreover, using this email application on the desktop can better help you in improving your workflow and flexibility. Furthermore, it offers you more options and the availability of your email on your system, even if you are disconnected from the internet service.


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